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  • When will the Eurafrica Trail be held?

    Eurafrica Trail is to be held between 11th and 15th October, 2017..

  • Where will the Eurafrica Trail be held?

    Eurafrica Trail will take place around the Strait of Gibraltar, specifically in Spain, Gibraltar and Morocco. It is the world’s first intercontinental race.

  • What races are in the Eurafrica Trail?

    There are two ways to take part in the Eurafrica Trail: local races and intercontinental races in stages.

    The local races, in which people can take part independently, are: #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race (Gibraltar), Alcornocales 30 and Alcornocales 50 (Spain), and Talassemtane 40 (Morocco).

    The intercontinental races in stages are made up of a combination of the Alcornocales 30 or 50 races (the participant chooses his/her European distance) and the Talassemtane 40. Furthermore, all of the intercontinental participants are invited to take part in the #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race in this edition.

  • What time do the races start?

    You can check out the starting times and those of the other activities to be held during Eurafrica Trail in the programme.. > Program

  • If I sign up for the Intercontinental race, is the #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race included?

    Yes. All those signed up for intercontinental races have the Vertical Race included in their registration. You must tell us in the registration form if you wish to take part in it

  • Can I take part in the #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race if I am already registered in another local race?

    Yes. You can sign up independently to the Vertical Race.

  • When does registration for the Eurafrica Trail open?

    Registration for Eurafrica Trail begins on 30th March 2017 at 9:00 p.m.

  • Where can I sign up?

    In our website: www.eurafricatrail.com.

  • ¿Qué son los plazos de pago?

    The deadlines for payments vary depending on the kind of intercontinental race you have chosen. You are given a period of time to pay only for the intercontinental races (90 km and 70 km). You can see the prices here: > Prices

  • Is there are a period of time to pay for the local races?

    No. For the local races (Gibraltar Vertical Race, Alcornocales 50, Alcornocales 30 and Talassemtane 40) payment is made on signing up. Payment by instalments is only possible for the intercontinental race categories.

  • What are the price windows?

     These are the periods with different prices according to when the participants sign up. There are three different windows with steadily increasing prices. They only apply to the intercontinental races..

  • When are the registration price windows?

    The first window goes from 30th March until 5th May inclusively. The second window goes from 6th May to 6th June, and the third from 7th June to 31st August. You can consult the different windows here: Prices and Service

  • If we live locally and do not need full board or accommodation, does it cost the same?

    Yes. Breakfast and lunch on race day are included in the registration, as is the dinner for runners who choose to spend the previous night in the camp. We are keeping the same prices as last year while extending the services included in the registration to improve the experience.

  • If I am a federation member at the Andalusian level, can I take part in the intercontinental race?

    Yes. In this case, the organisers provide the participants with sports insurance to cover them in Gibraltar and Morocco. This insurance is taken out upon signing up.

  • If I am a member of FEDME, do I need sports insurance?

    No. You only need it for the Gibraltar Vertical Race. Your FEDME insurance covers you in Morocco and Spain.

  • Do I have to present a medical certificate if I don’t take part in the intercontinental races?

    For the local races, a medical certificate is advisable but not compulsory.

  • Must I hand over an original medical certificate?

    The organisers will accept a copy of your medical certificate (which we recommend) on picking up the bib, or the original, which will be held by the organisers. The medical certificates will not be given back.

  • Do I need a passport to take part in the Talassemtane 40 or in the intercontinental races?

    You need to have a valid passport to cross the border and take part in the Moroccan race.

  • …and to take part in the #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race?

    You need to have a valid passport to cross the border and take part in the Gibraltar race. It would be wise to look at the conditions for entering Gibraltar if you are not an EU citizen.

  • Where do the intercontinental participants sleep?

    The intercontinental participants will sleep in the Eurafrica camps in Algeciras and Chefchaouen, as well local participants who wish to do so.

  • What facilities will there be in the camp?

    Eurafrica provides the participants with space to set up a tent (a 2-person tent is advisable), hot showers, WC, common areas (dining room, assistance for participants, chiropody and physiotherapy services, places to charge electronic devices, etc.), as well as parking space to leave their vehicle during the race.

  • What must I take to the Eurafrica Camp?

    A tent (2-person recommended), mat and sleeping bag, as well as other belongings you think necessary to rest.

  • A tent (2-person recommended), mat and sleeping bag, as well as other belongings you think necessary to rest.

    Yes. If you don’t have a tent, the organisers have tents for hire for €15. This option can be chosen in the registration form.

  • If as an intercontinental participant I drop out of the race or don’t meet the cut-off time in the first stage, can I take part in the second one?

    Yes. Participants who drop out of the first stage or do not finish it for any reason can begin the second stage with the time of the last runner plus 1 minute.

  • Where can I pick up my bib?

    The bibs are handed out in the starting-line areas two hours before the race begins for the #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race and the Talassemtane 40. For the races in Spain, they can be picked up on the afternoon of Wednesday 11th or the morning of the 12th, two hours before the start, in the European camp.

  • What do I have to present to pick up my bib?

    When you go to get your Eurafrica 17 bib, you must present your DNI (Spanish ID) or passport, federation card if you are a member of a mountain federation, and a copy of your medical certificate required to take part in the intercontinental races.

  • Can somebody pick up my bib for me?

    Yes. Runners can authorise somebody else to pick up their bib and runner’s bag provided they present a copy of the runner’s DNI or passport signed by the runner, and the other documents necessary if required.

  • Can I pass on my bib to another runner?

    No. Each bib assigned is personal and non-transferable. If a runner cannot take part, it is not possible to give the bib to another person, however they are related. It can only be cancelled.

  • Is there a cloakroom service?

    There is no cloakroom service in the camp. You can leave your belongings in the tents.

  • What time do the starting areas for the races open?

    They open one hour before the start.

  • What are the time limits to finish the Alcornocales 50, Alcornocales 30 and the Talassemtane 40?

    All of the technical information will be published before 6th April. It may change slightly, but notification will be made of any changes.

  • What articles are obligatory to take part in the Eurafrica trail?

    You can check out the obligatory and recommended items in the Eurafrica Trail Regulations. Check here: > Regulations

  • Will the items be checked during the race?

    Yes. The organisers may request the obligatory items from the runner at any time during the race in order to check them. If the runner does not have any of these articles, or refuses the verification or shows a lack of respect towards the controller, their bib shall be immediately invalidated.

  • Will there be checkpoints during the races?

    Yes. The runners must comply with the different checkpoints set up along the route.

  • What food is available to the participants and volunteers in the camps?

    Different, separate salads, pastas with two sauces, rice, fish and consommés are the main ingredients in our camps.

This document was updated on 28th March, 2017.

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