Eurafrica Trail will bring together the world’s leading trail running elite in its intercontinental challenge

Eurafrica Trail will feature in its 2017 edition some of the top mountain runners on the international scene, such as the Moroccan Zaid Ait Malek, Scots Casey Morgan and the Spanish Mario Olmedo, Daniel Aguirre and Juan María Jiménez, in the men’s category, and the Portuguese Ester Alves, the Romanian Ana-Cristina Constantin and the Spanish women Noelia Camacho and Angels Llobera, in the female category.

All of them share favoritism in Intercontinental90. The reigning Eurafrica Trail event will measure participants’ resistance along two demanding stages scattered both sides of the Straits, in Algeciras and Chefchaouen (Morocco), just after the explosive vertical race that on day 11 will inaugurate the contest in Gibraltar.

Then, the 87 kilometers accumulated between the days of 12 and 14 October, with 10,828 meters of accumulated difference and 5,414 of positive gradient, will present Zaid Ait Malek the opportunity to defend his title. With that goal, the Moroccan athlete based in Cordoba returns to Eurafrica Trail.

Casey Morgan, a long distance racing specialist, will also try to confirm his good year after his recent success at The 9 Dragons in Hong Kong over a 135-kilometer journey. There are also prestigious triumphs, such as those achieved on the Compressport Trail Menorca or the Ultra Marathon Coast of Almeria.

The three great Spanish tricks on the Eurafrica Trail will be, for their part, Mario Olmedo, Daniel Aguirre and Juan María Jiménez.

Mario Olmedo is one of the young promises of the trail running Andalusian and appears in the intercontinental event reinforced by his good results in 2017. He was third in the Spanish Championship of races by mountain, disputed in Zumaia; he signed a commendable top-8 at the World Marathon, held at the Buff Epic Run; and won the test of the Spanish Cup Miranda de Ebro. The finishing touch put him fourth in the OCC at UTMB.

Navarrese Daniel Aguirre, winner of the Spanish Cup of Ultra Trail FEDME in 2015, will be one of the athletes who will fire the season on the Eurafrica Trail. He appears as the current winner of the G2 Haundiak and the first test of the Basque U.T. Bilbao-Vitoria Series, of 110 kilometers.

Juan María Jiménez, on the other hand, aspires to get a podium spot just weeks after being top-25 in one of the highest-level editions of the 100-kilometer Ultra-Mont-Blanc race.

There will also be tough competition in the women’s category of Intercontinental 90, which includes Alcornocals 50 in Europe and FRS Talassemtane 40 in Africa.

Noelia Camacho, the current Andalusian Ultra Trail Champion, and the Balearic Angels Llobera, an undisputed winner of the Grand Aneto Posets Trail, lowering the record of the event in two hours, are the main Spanish options for the Catalan women’s champion Anna Comet.

Its great opponents will be a priori the Portuguese Ester Alves and the Romanian Ana-Cristina Constantin.

The Portuguese athlete, experienced in staged trials, won The Coastal Challenge of Costa Rica in 2015 while the Romanian athlete, based in Madrid, will try to confirm her excellent fitness.

And is that Ana-Cristina Constantin, runner-up of the Nice Ultra Trail of 145 kilometers, marches third in the general classification of the Spain Ultra Cup XL after Mercedes Pila and Gemma Arenas.

All of them are called to step on the first drawer of the podium after completing the routes that make up the Intercontinental 90.

As you pass through the Alcornocales Natural Park and the National Park Talassemtane, participants will cross on foot beautiful places such as the Gorges del Capitán and Prior, Río de la Miel or Pico Luna in Spain, and the city of Chefchaouen, Port of Chouihat, Azilane or Jbel Tissouka, already in Morocco.

The activity will, however, begin on 11 October. The second edition of Eurafrica Trail presents the most significant development of the inclusion of a vertical race, the #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race. In this way, the three cultures of the Strait will be united around sport and nature.

With the intercontinental inscription is included an invitation to the #VisitGibraltar Vertical Race, although this test does not compute for the final classification.

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